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At Desert Ridge Orthodontics in Phoenix, Dr. Michael Papademetriou know that the older you get, the less time you have to wait to see the results of orthodontic treatments. That’s why they offer Wilckodontics®, a cutting-edge procedure that accelerates the results of traditional orthodontic treatments. Call or go online to find out more about what Wilckodontics can do for you.

Wilckodontics (Fast Treatment) Q& A

What is Wilckodontics?

Wilckodontics is commonly referred to as periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO). It relates to an accelerated orthodontic treatment that can finish in less than half the traditional time.Most cases can finish from 3-12 months.

However, adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this procedure. Teenagers who don’t want to wear braces for over a year can also opt for PAOO.

What should I expect from Wilckodontics?

The main difference between traditional orthodontic treatment and Wilckodontics is that the latter focuses on how the bone responds to tooth movement, while the former capitalizes on the way in which the teeth move.

The PAOO procedure typically involves the redistribution of generative dental qualities within your mouth. During the procedure, your doctor (periodontis or oral surgeon) performs a minimally invasive surgery to create superficial cuts between the roots of the teeth.

These cuts stimulate the bone around the root to regenerate. During this regeneration process, your bone demineralizes, effectively decreasing the amount of resistance your jaw gives to the movement of your teeth. The less resistance there is, the faster your teeth will be able to move.

Once the procedure is completed, you’ll need to wait approximately two weeks until your orthodontist can perform adjustments. The adjustments are made every two weeks unlike the traditional treatments which is every 4-8 weeks. Dr. Papademetriou has been using this technique since 2004 and he was one of the 3 orthodontist who introduced it in Europe.

Keep in mind that since Wilckodontics encourages your bone to regenerate,  in some cases can increase the bone thickness and cover exposed roots.

Am I a good candidate for Wilckodontics?

Wilckodontics is the treatment of choice for people who don’t want to wait over a year for results. However, it’s important to first discuss your dental history and your current dental health with Dr. Papademetriou to see if you can be a candidate.

Learn more about Wilckodontics by scheduling a complimentary appointment at Desert Ridge Orthodontics in Phoenix either by phone or by using the online booking tool.